24 June, 2011

The accidental garden

I've tried to grow a garden in previous years, but all I've really succeeded in growing was a giant weed patch. I'd forget to water the poor little pants until it was too dry, then I'd try to make up for it and water a lot, followed by me forgetting to pull weeds. I was NOT born with a green thumb! We've had a few tomatoes from our garden, but not much else. So this year I skipped the garden.

A few weeks ago, when my husband came home, he told me I had potatoes growing out there that would need to be dug up soon. Good to know. I thought it was all weeds out there! In fact, when my husband had mowed the yard several days before, I wondered why he hadn't mowed over a few of the weeds in the garden (turns out those "weeds" were the potatoes he was referring to). Last year I planted potatoes and never got around to digging them up. I had no idea they would grow again on their own.

Why are there less weeds in this garden now that it's not a "garden"?

Happy little potato plants, growing nicely without any help from the destructive "gardener."

A few days ago, I thought maybe it was time to dig up the little potatoes and see what grew out there.

The accidental potatoes

Not bad considering I didn't do any work for them! I think I'll cook them with butter and herbs. Or maybe put them in the crock pot with a nice roast. Now I'm hungry!

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