23 September, 2011

Corn Farming 101 (Lesson 1)

Back in June, when I got the idea to take pictures for this photo essay, I had no idea I was photographing corn that would do its best to hang on through the longest drought and the biggest heatwave the state of Kansas has seen since the 1930's. I just thought it would be a fun idea for my friends who don't know a lot about farming. I took a picture of the growing corn every week (as you'll see by the dates.... it's almost every week) and I took a picture of the irrigation system every time it came past the house. I used Alta as a height reference so you'll know how tall the corn is. Alta is a little more than knee high. 
June 7, 2011
The irrigation system as it came close to the house on June 7.

June 14, 2011

June 21

June 22
June 28
June 30
Also June 30
July 5
Developing corn cob, July 5

July 8
July 12
July 12 - corn stalks only develop 1 cob,
if a 2nd cob develops the plant will
choose to abandon the weaker cob.
Uncooperative dog, July 19
July 19
July 19
July 28 - the corn is starting to dry.
July 28
July 28 - some of the corn that the irrigation system doesn't
reach well are not looking so great.
July 28 - the lawn isn't looking so great either.
July 28 - Storm clouds but no rain. Poor lawn looks like a desert.
August 8
August 8 - Close to harvest

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the photos of the growing phase of corn. Please come back next Friday for pictures and information about harvest (there was too much to put in 1 post).

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  1. Love this photo essay! Clever idea. Just grabbed a button, heading to my site to add it. Thanks for putting mine up too! :)