30 September, 2011

Corn Farming 101 (Lesson 2 - Harvest)

I hope you enjoyed last week's photo essay, if you haven't read it yet, just click on the blue words. 

On July 22, this is what the ground looked like.
Yes, that is at almost 21 inches.

A rather impressive looking storm on August 8 that produced no rain (for us)
but a large amount of wind and a lot of hail in a nearby town. Our local TV stations did a great job
of pretending this storm wasn't as bad as locals were reporting, because it didn't look bad on radar.

The corn on August 25, very close to being ready to harvest.

August 25

Corn is competitive, each row thinks it should be taller than the previous row.
After harvesting the outside rows, you can see the true height of the cornstalks. August 27.
(Please remember that Alta is about knee high.)

This is my view from the driver's seat in the tractor as the combine unloads into the grain cart.

The truck full of corn. (Driven by my Dad that day)

The combine (driven by my husband) unloading into the grain cart while I
unload the grain cart into the truck. The grain cart holds approximately 2 1/2
combine bins full and the truck holds about 3/4 of the grain cart. A full sized semi
would hold an entire grain cart full. (My Dad took this picture)

My view from the seat of the tractor, following the combine to the opposite end of the field.

Looking out the back window of the tractor as I unload the grain cart into the truck.

The inside of the grain cart.

Another view of the inside of the grain cart. The space in the bottom
right corner is the unloading auger.

Alta by the grain cart. It holds just over 1000 bushels.
(FYI, a bushel is 9 gallons)

My hand by the bolts on the wheels of the grain cart.

Between 2 rows of corn.

Little parts of the corn husk (we call them bee's wings) on the ground
close to the grain dryer.

Sunset over a field after harvest September 1.

The combine in the distance (kicking up dust). I see some of the most
beautiful sunsets while in the tractor during harvest.

I hope you enjoyed my harvest pictures. Next week I have a yummy peach recipe for you (think peach pie without the crust!).

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